My Day Dream...I mean job...

I've said many job is too good to be true. I work at Artifex 323. Which is a very cool design studio that consists of myself and the owner, Jessica. As with any graphic design studio, we get to do some very cool projects and some luke-warm projects :) I love it all though. Truly. Do South Magazine is our client and we get to have the most fun -creatively speaking- designing the magazine layout from cover to cover. This local magazine has been around for a bit more than four years and we picked up the design in October of 2014. Something fun for me has been that I've gotten the chance to design the DIY project - so I get to produce the piece from start to finish including the layout in the's a peek at some of the projects...

January 2015

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 8.43.41 PM.png

I included the facing page above- to note that we do a big majority of the ad design in this publication as well. I did the Basinger and Gallivanting ad design with the direction of the client and editor. 

December 2014

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 8.51.28 PM.png

This holiday DIY was fun because I snuck in some calligraphy. The "Spice" in the title was done by hand and I incorporated some fun little tags as well. The "Sparkle and Shine" page was one of my favorite pages I've designed. Loved the opportunity to use GLITTER! (I hate glitter in real life though :)

November 2014

I dearly love this project and was so excited to have it picked up for the magazine. 

Roots Branding

Recently I had one of the MOST FUN jobs EVER. Branding Roots Salon. I've known and befriended Caroline, the owner, for a few years and she is the most beautiful gal - I just love her spirit. She reminds me of a much younger, braver version of myself in some ways. She's super talented and got moxy. I wanna be her. LOL! Anyway, I've helped style her brand with all of the elements she loves and I think it turned out pretty fab. 

Brand Style Guide

Brand Style Guide

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Business Card Design

Grand Opening Flyer

Grand Opening Flyer

Recipe Illustrations

Something I've wanted to do for a long time is try some food illustration- more specifically, recipes. I've got a few family favorites that I thought it would be fun to capture as a colorful and whimsical here's my first attempt.

The story behind this recipe is that this is one of Abby's specialties. She makes chocolate pies for Daddy- his favorite. He says she makes the best chocolate pie--only second to his sweet Mama who passed many years ago. And coincidentally- this is the recipe that her other Grandma- my mother- gave her some time back. 

It was such a fun process - I'm thinking of doing a series. I really enjoyed it. 


Well, I just finished up my last workshops at Shindig for the year earlier today. Finished up our first week in the new Artifex office studio space this past's so cool. And I'm literally counting my blessings one by one.

I'm working on a few new prints in calligraphy and this is one of the first I've finished. The T in today is bothering me...hmmmm...the print is pretty scrumptious on cotton rag paper though. 

This quote means a lot to me...because if you don't just don't know what might happen. You don't want to look back on wasted time and regret not starting.

Modern Calligraphy -BIG NEWS!!! Dates posted!

I'm bubbling over…absolutely, thrilled. A few months ago, Trisha at Shindig Paperie asked if I'd be interested in teaching her Modern Calligraphy class. Granted I'm a lettering artist, designer and have spent several years studying pointed pen calligraphy- I was humbled and absolutely over the moon excited! I mean, duh, I LOVE LETTERS. So much.

So it's been a while in the planning, and we've gotten it on the calendar! We have two dates available - September 11th (Thursday evening) and September 14th (Sunday afternoon) to help accommodate our new calligraphers! You can visit the page here for all the details and get registered! 

Stay tuned- I will be adding more dates for those interested in the River Valley too! Our class at Inscriptions was so lovely! I know about a half dozen gals who are total ink-junkies now! Its so fun to see creativity in bloom! 


MakeShoppe - creative musings

It's been a bit since I've updated. I've been blogging regularly at - a collab venture I've started with a dear, old (young) friend ;) My creative snowball has been gaining speed lately and I've been producing some fun things, sharing my love of creating with willing souls and well, I've been super busy too! I've started working toward my dream of a studio/makerie by just digging in and scheduling creative workshops--which I'm calling MakeShoppes-- on sewing, crafting and calligraphy. 

2014-07-15 07.35.32.jpg

I'm pretty excited. If you're interested in the calligraphy workshop (July 29th) or scheduling a private party/girls night to learn about calligraphy -- definitely get in touch! 

Sew Crafty is a MakeShoppe where we'll create this classy home decor piece with a verse I penned exclusively for the design. It's all done in gorgeous linen and neutral shades and the class will learn five different techniques for easy-to-sew fabric flowers, making straps and ruffles. This past week it was all about pillow in the Basic Sewing MakeShoppes.

2014-07-26 12.48.45.jpg

I love that I've had some time to pursue some creative projects, work with my hands and renew my creative spirit! I love that my skills as a maker only strengthen my skills as a designer and vice-versa.