Kit includes: 

  • 44-page Modern Calligraphy Work Book
  • Alphabet exemplar
  • Metallic marbled universal pen holder
  • 2-nibs, a generous ink bottle,
  • Full pad of gridded practice paper
  • Packaged in a 9 x 9 storage box

This is my complete 3 hour beginning calligraphy workshop delivered to your door all packaged up with the premium supplies you need to be successful with calligraphy. My teaching method is a springboard off of traditional Copperplate calligraphy techniques and I've adapted these fundamentals to create a more modern style. 

After having taught dozens of calligraphy workshops, I've created this lesson book that follows my live teaching format exactly with illustrations and instructions for each stroke and letter of the alphabet from a to z. The content is delivered in a self-paced format for you to learn at your leisure. It includes all the tips, tricks and info about supplies that I can pack into this 44-page Work Book. As a bonus I've included several projects with sources for materials I've used to create them!! It's chock-full of inspiration. I think you'll love it!!

For just half of the price of my live workshop, you can get started learning all of the basics of Modern Calligraphy! Let me know if you have any questions! (janna at jannawilson dot com)

$50 shipped.

This product ships only in the US. Thanks.